1/13/2017 Dr. Alison Brown interview,  kHEN Community Radio, Sandy Farrell's Salida Inside Out. Click here for more information.

1/2017 An additional document has been added "City of Salida - SNRCDC Tabor SOF & Relevant Consideration - AC/WP Updated Draft from 11/25/16" Click here for more information.

12/2016 The City Clerk has now approved a citizen's initiative to put a 9-month moratorium on sales of property by the City or SNRCDC pending citizen's input. Click here for more information.

Save Our Salida is for citizens of the City of Salida, Colorado, to share information on city related issues and concerns in order to facilitate transparency in government and open communications. For discussing any of these issues or submit information follow us on Facebook.

Resolution 2016-88

Save Our Salida group members submitted two petitions to the City of Salida on Wednesday in response to City Council's vote Tuesday to adopt a resolution implementing a Compliance Plan to their self imposed TABOR Violation.

The first petition proposes an ordinance to be adopted placing a temporary moratorium on the sale of property by the city or by the Salida Natural Resource Center Development Corporation (NRCDC) for 9 months, beginning on the effective date of the ordinance.

Petition Locations

Several businesses will have petitions ready to sign and we will be canvassing in several locations.


Save Our Salida needs help collecting signatures.

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City Administrator